innovation | inəˈvāSHən | noun
change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis, 
breakthrough; ...novelty, newness; creativity, originality, ingenuity, 
inspiration, inventiveness; (informal) a shake up.*

There's no limit on innovation. It is birthed by great minds in many forms, from engineering cubicles to factory floors to board rooms. And back. Many organizations, however, in spite of successful innovation have sectors of dysfunction that need attention. What's missing?

Creative frameworks.

We believe in the word creative  because living is an art. ​ 

Because profitable business has many artful components.

Because project management is a dance.

True innovation means finding and implementing creative strategies that strengthen management teams, increase employee retention, build client relations, and produce whole-hearted customer service. In other words...

creative thought leadership helps you run with your dream!

Are you willing to break the rules? Fracture old ways of thinking? Transform your workplace? 

Whether dreaming about or re-envisioning your project or organization, WildHorse Consulting, LLC provides assessment and strategic planning anchored in creative frameworks that inspire innovation and enhance the values, the culture, the people that make up your dream.

​* Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus

Paula Loftin [photo detail] ​


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