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What is it about rivers? They breed life, feed our souls, carry our spirits across continents into hidden places, propel us over the edge of risk and buoy us on to adventure. From the natural springs of their headwaters to their confluence at the sea, they widen and wind through mountains and forests and valleys. They're beautiful, intriguing and everlasting, teaching us about the flow of life.

Cartographers tell us there are thousands of rivers in the world running millions of miles, giving life to all who come near or better, take the plunge. The psalmist said the children of men feast on God's abundance and drink from His river of delights. I swim in rivers in my dreams. I revisit those dreams and relive underwater places where I roll and twirl submerged, like a child. I find my life in this River. I can't imagine any other way to live. 

So, this podcast is called Life In the River. I invite you to join inspirational guests who find beauty and life's journey in a surge and rhythm of art and faith.

Discover Life In the River!  Watch for podcasts coming soon!