While the term "we" is used, consistent with the collaborators of WildHorse initiatives, I offer a note about my own work history. In addition to six years consulting and publishing described here, a brief background of my work includes 15 years of administration and management in large and small corporations, and nearly eight years in tribal arts and humanities at the Chickasaw Nation (including seven years as an instructor at the Chickasaw Arts Academy). I also served as adjunct faculty for three tribal humanities courses at East Central University, Ada, Okla. and three semester as a graduate teaching assistant in Native American Studies at the University of Oklahoma. 

The collaboration and management of VISUAL VOICES: Chickasaw Contemporary Art touring exhibition has been the greatest privilege of my consulting career. The worlds of Indigenous fine art and Native American scholarship have found a deep-rooted place in my heart, and I am grateful to my teachers, mentors, fine arts colleagues and peers. Building upon a bachelor of arts in political science from East Central University, I earned a Master's in Native American Studies at the University of Oklahoma. I was also honored to be an Andrew Mellon Native American Curatorial Intern at Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman.

My own published works range from a Native bilingual children's book to editing the beautiful, 128-page, hardcover VISUAL VOICES exhibition catalog; I was also songwriter for recorded English-Chickasaw CDs and playwright for a Native historical play production. I recently completed a new children's story, which is currently being illustrated for publication.

I serve as a board member for Red Earth, Inc. and The Hopewell Heritage Foundation, both in the Oklahoma City region.

We live in a time when it seems almost anything is possible. And if you're a trailblazer, a creative, an entrepreneurial spirit, you can't help but find out how we can do it. When it's good, you come alive. When things get tough, you're still running with the dream.

So this site is here because dreams are meant to be lived ... It's why we build, why we promote, why we're creatives, why we breathe. Where we respond to the world around us. Fine arts, nonprofits, management consulting, businesses, writing, filmmaking, branding, marketing... hmmm... what should we do next? It looks like... Another. Wild. Horse. Running.

We create. Then create some more.

silhouette - A PERSONAL NOTE

It was a dark and stormy night. Someone muttered, "The pen is mightier than the sword."* The ridiculous evoked the sublime as rank and file, rich and poor witnessed a birth of wild horses, wild horses running... They. Just. Kept. Running.

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My name is Laura Marshall Clark and I am Muscogee Creek. If you read the small text above, you can probably guess I write to entertain in addition to all seriousness.  I started WildHorse Consulting, LLC as a Native-owned business to support the serious work of colleagues on projects in business, fine arts, education, tribal initiatives and nonprofits. We then continued to dream up more projects and initiatives. We just keep dreaming.

The WildHorse logo is a stained glass mosaic of artist, author, naturalist and animal lover Jane Marie Farmer, Tupelo, Miss. Thank you, Jane!

* Quote from the historical play, Cardinal Richelieu, 1839, by English novelist and playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton.